Watch Remi Gaillard Pull Off A Hilarious Blind Motorist Prank

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This prankster is known for driving motorists mad. He once dressed up like a giant pigeon and pooped on the car. Another time he and some pals played human Tetris in a middle of the street. Oh, and then there was that time where he brought the game Mario Kart to real life. Well, that one was more amazing than annoying. Anyway, Remi Gaillard is back with a new prank video where he’s the blind man trying to navigate life. Of course part of life is driving, right? It’s hilarious to see Remi Gaillard out on the road with his long white can sticking out into the street. You have to wonder how freaked out people were when this crazy prankster wandered out into the roundabout trying to find his way. Luckily no one seems too pissed off here, except for maybe the gas station owner. You will see what we mean.

Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.