This is How Wall-E Would Look Like If It Got Upgraded And Used For Military Operation

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Remember Wall-E? That cute little robot with a gentle heart? Well, it seems like this robot just got upgraded by Howe & Howe and transformed the machine into an all new level. Well, this robotic solution is not actually affiliated with the movie or even inspired from it. Howe & Howe, a company known for creating extreme vehicles like the Offroad Wheelchair and more, developed a new Robotic Solution that could be very handy in any military operation. This machine is purely operated robotically and is armed with rotating turret much like those futuristic weapons that we commonly see in video games. The RS2 Scorpion allows the war fighter safe accurate standoff and effectiveness while still engaging the enemy with lethal and/or “less-than-lethal” force.

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