Ultimate Glamping: The Caravan That Floats Like a Boat

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Who would have thought that there is such thing as glamping? For those who are seeking for adventure yet you want it to stay classy and glamorous, then that’s where the term glamping is being used.  If you are aiming for a glamorous camping, then this caravan will give you the ultimate luxury experience. Sealander is an amphibious caravan that can efficiently and wonderfully work on both land and water. This 380kg Caravan has a water proof chassis and is constructed from glass fiber and reinforced plastic. It is equipped with an electric motor that can  power the caravan through water up with a speed reaching up to 9kph. The bed inside the caravan can be converted into benches and it has a retracting sunroof for a much more comfortable experience for the cruisers/campers.  Very impressive work of art indeed.

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