Torana Car Skid Off The Dragway And Crashes Hard Into Wall

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Anything can go wrong in the dragway much like what happened to what happened to Chris Theo and his Stooge V8 Tarona. He got a  very well built V8 powered Holden LX hatchback Torana to boast but like what others will say, just because you can build an engine doesn’t mean you can set up the suspension properly and this is probably what happened in this video. The V8 car hit the dragway in such great force but suddenly went out of control, skid off the dragway and crashes so hard on the wall which brutally damage the front of the car. Luckily , the driver managed to escape the accident without any injury but what really make us wonder is the scene after the crash that instead of seeing safety crews running towards the scene, what we found are group of people including kids approaching the car without any safety gear or fire extinguisher.

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