This Year’s Carrera Cup GB Invites Fresh And Young Drivers To Participate

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Carrera Cup GB (Great Britain) has been one of the highly anticipated racing events in United Kingdom powered by Porsche 911. The event has been held annually since 2003 and this year, The Carrera Cup GB Championship will be contested over 16 races and eight weekends, and continues to support the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) at seven circuits. Interestingly, unlike any other racing competition, Carrera Cup is known for inviting young and veteran drivers to compete but this year is designed to attract fresh And young drivers to participate. This year’s Carrera Cup GB will start off by April with more inviting prizes awaiting the winners! To give you some more inspiring thoughts, then feel free to check this video and see what the previous champions have to say!

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