This V6 Mustang Challenges A 720 HP Mustang in one EPIC Street Race!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video we are taken to the Street Car Takeover Houston where some of the most powerful vehicles are coming to take part in some racing mayhem. Two super cars joining in on the fun are the Turbo V6 Mustang and 720HP GT-R! Both vehicles are packed with an incredible amount of power and both are equally ready to test it against each other on the streets! The Mustang is equipped with a 3.7L Ford Cyclone V6 engine and all together it produces around 575Hp and the 720hp turbo upgraded AWD Nissan GT-R is revving up and is ready to race. This is definitely a street throw down you do not want to miss! Which car do you think will win the bragging rights? We think you might be surprised! Click below to find out!

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