This Powerful Pontiac Firebird Loses Control At The Hub City Dragway!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video we are taken to the Hub City Dragway where a Pontiac Firebird is getting ready to annihilate the strip. As soon as the Pontiac revs it’s engine you understand the insanity under it’s hood. Unfortunately, with great power comes more of a challenge to keep the car in a straight line while racing it. This Pontiac Firebird is sadly the victim to the track as we watch the powerful vehicle zoom down the strip ultimately ending in disaster as it loses control and crashes resulting in a fiery wreck! We watch in a very cringeworthy fashion as the Pontiac plows into the wall and flips multiple times before finally coming to a halt and things look incredibly bleak. Thankfully the driver survived, but the car was demolished to the pint of no return. click the video below to watch this series of unfortunate events.

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