This Mustang GT Loses Control And Ends Up Crashing Into a Jeep Wrangler At The 2015 Mustang Week!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video we are taken to Mustang week where all of the finest Mustangs gather to show off their pure muscle. Things seem to be going normal as the Mustang pass through the streets, but one drivers heavy foot ends up getting him in a world of hurt! The driver kicks the rear wheels on his sports car out and doesn’t let out of the gas until it is too late and ultimately loses control and slides sideways into a Jeep Wrangler! Thankfully the driver was focused on not slamming full force into the car so the two cars merely take part in a gentle love tap! click the video below to check out this minor Mustang GT wreck at the 2015 Mustang week!

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