This Incredible 736HP Turbocharged VW Gold Mk1 Goes wild On The Streets!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video we get a look at a modern age old school vehicle going wild on the streets and showing off it’s sheer brutal power. The amazing silver VW Golf MK1 pulls off incredible speed thanks to it’s 2.0 L 16V Turbo engine that produces an incredible 736Hp! Along with the already powerful engine this vehicle is also equipped with a GTX3582R turbocharger that gives it that extra kick that makes this golf a force to reckoned with. It is insane watching the incredible power of this VW Golf you can see the incredible speeds it is driving on the streets and it is simply zipping past the normal cars on the road! Click the video below to get a full overview and look at this vehicle and at the end watch it go wild on the streets! ENJOY THIS INCREDIBLE VW GOLF MK1!

Crazy!! Be sure to check the out next video below.