This Guy Built A Bike With Wheels Made Of Ice! Cool (Literally)

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Colin Furze, the guy behind those insane inventions including the fastest scooter, longest motorcycle and more, came up with another insane vehicle! He just converted his bike into a cooler vehicle and we mean that literally because this guy built a bike with wheels made of ice. Who would have thought that ice can turn into wheels? ¬†Well, it doesn’t really make sense actually but who cares, it looks super fun and we definitely want to give this Ice Bike a ride! How long do you think the wheels can last? Colin Furze actually made another video where he took this bike for a ride in different location. He took it outdoor, on a skating rink and even in a snow mountain! This is just nothing but insane!

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!