This Fearless And Outlaw Biker Disses Cops While Doing Some Badass Stunts

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

How brave can you become to do thing beyond rules? How brave can you become if there are cops around that can handcuff you and take you into jail in no time? Well, what you are about to see is a motorcycle rider who broke the boundaries and crossed the line between cops. The cops went to stop him from doing something illegal (speed racing I assumed) but instead of running away or negotiating diplomatically, this fearless and outlaw-ish rider dissed the cops. While riding his motorcycle and doing some badass stunts, he teased the cops as if saying that he doesn’t really care whether they are around or not. After doing some dissing, the rider immediately run away in great speed and the cops failed to stop him at all.

That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?