This All Stock MX-5 Is Ready For The Transformation Of A Lifetime!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The Car Throttle YouTube channel is among some of the most popular automotive YouTube channels on the site. The team at Car Throttle recently added a new series to their list webisodes and it tracks the incredible progression and transformation of an all stock MX-5 into one of the most unique and powerful custom MX-5’s on the road. In this video we watch the beginning of the Mx-5’s transformation where we get the full overview and look at the MX-5 in it’s stock form and find out all of the great custom details that will be done on this vehicle to make it one of the best on the road. To check out this video and the full transformation in its entirety click the video below and subscribe to Car Throttles YouTube channel!

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.