They Dubbed This As The Fastest Twin Turbo Truck In The World But Is It Worthy For The Title?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video, you will find a Twin Turbo truck with Nitrous running 145 miles per hour @ 9.32 seconds. According to the video, they are dubbing this as the fastest Twin Turbo truck in the world but does it really deserves the title? This video was taken 4 years ago and some commenters cannot help themselves but to compare it to Flaco’s Hayhauler which hits 8.810 @ 156.19 at the same year yet his truck only has a single turbo. We cannot tell yet if this is the fastest twin turbo on that year but we are pretty sure that this truck had much improvements the following years! How about you? Do you think this truck deserves the title?

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