These Guys Found Iconic Cars On Ebay For $25,000 And Less!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

You doesn’t have to spend millions just to get the car that you have always wanted. The guys from After/Drive attempted to seek for some wonderful Car-design icons in eBay that are worth $25000 or less and they surprisingly found some great iconic cars in a very affordable prices. Some of the cars includes a 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV for 25 grand, a 1981 Volvo for $7900, a 1973 Land Rover Defender Series for $25,000, a 1980 Fiat Bambino for $8900 and more. We may not have the details on how exactly these car performs but like what the pictures can tell, these cars are seemingly in good condition and it’s really fascinating that you can avail them in such low prices!

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