The Unique Puny Caterham 160 Proves Why It Is One Highly Underestimated Car!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

If you like cars that have a different edge and a unique style then the Puny Caterham 160 is sure to excite you. The 160 is currently one of the cheaper and less powerful cars you can buy from the brand and in this video Alex Keaston from Car Throttle gives a full review on why and why not the Puny Caterham 160 is a car to own. Powered by a turbocharged 660cc 3 cylinder Suzuki engine that lets out 80Hp, that may not sound like much, but because it is incredibly light weight this car can reach powerful speeds. From the good and the bad learn all about the unique Puny Caterham 160! Click below to check it out!

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