The Story Of The Man Behind The Smallest V12 Engine In The World Will Inspire Us All!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Meet José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, “Patelo”, a pensioner from Galicia (Spain) and a retired naval mechanic. He is the man behind the smallest engines in the world including the working V12 engine. He was able to create 11 handmade scaled version of marine engines, aircrafts and formula 1 engines. Aside from his impressive masterpiece, what makes Jose more amazing is his inspiring story. He’s been through a lot of challenges during his childhood and the amount of time he spent for his creations is simply incomparable. This video however will leave us some sad notes. According to Jose, he got so many plans yet he is already 72 and it is too late for him to make them. Check more of his inspiring story below.

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