The Guys At Road Kill Fight Hard To Restore And Shorten Up A ’50 Ford 2 Ton Truck For The Car Craft Summer Nationals!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this episode of Roadkill Finnegan surprises Freilburger with a 1950 Ford 2 ton truck and ultimately they both decide to shorten it up for long trek to the Car Craft Summer Nationals show in Atlanta. Somewhere along the way the truck gets named Stubby, then they call it Bob and eventually the name gets thrown out the window because it doesn’t make it in time for the event. Watch as they thrash to fix the Hemi-powered Blasphemi ’55 Chevy Gasser, then cannonball to Wisconsin in Roadkill’s ’69 El Camino only to show up late. Click below to watch this hectic race to get to the Car Craft Summer Nationals!

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...