Take A Look At This Amazing Shelby Brock Daytona Coupe!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage he is showcasing one of the most legendary and iconic cars of all time, the 1999 Shelby Brock Daytona Coupe.  This amazing car was designed by the legendary Pete Brock who was given the task of creating a modern version of the legendary Daytona Cobra Coupe.  Bruce Goldsmith is now the owner of the modernized car and he made some cool modifications to the car some including: the fiberglass body, custom wheels and fenders, C6 Corvette brakes and so much more. In addition to the several mods that were made Goldsmith also added a 427 cubic inch Ford Windsor v8 engine with a total of 580Hp under it’s belt. It is no question this is an amazing car. Check it out below!

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