Supermoto Front Flip Crash

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

One of the most bizarre crashes you will ever see occurred during the first Supermoto race in Sosnova in 2013. Luc1 Motorsport rider Germain Vincenot was unlucky as he decided to take the outside line around a corner. The KTM rider on the inside of him tucked the front end and gave Vincenot nowhere to go to avoid the incident. Vincenot rammed his front end into the downed motorcycle, therefore sending him tumbling over the handle bars. Oddly, his legs still gripped the bike and he continued to mount it throughout the full rotation even after his head bounced off the pavement. Luckily neither of the riders were injured although there may have been a stiff neck and some sore muscles.

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!