Supercharging A 5th Gen Camaro Is The Greatest Thing You Will Do This Weekend!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

I love me some Chevy Camaro. While they are not, in my mind, as sinister or deeply guttural as is a Dodge Challenger, the Camaro is, again in my mind, THE iconic American muscle car. How much do I love the Camaro? Well, the first car I ever bought was a used 1981 Chevy Camaro way back after I left basic training and AIT… Dang, I even like a stock Chevy Camaro a great deal. However, what I really love are those Camaros what have been worked on, improved, strengthened, as is the case with the Camaro in this Hot Rod Garage video. Finnegan and friends supercharge a 5-gen Camaro so that its blower output goes from 420 horsepower to 575. Cool muscle car project!


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