Supercharged C5ZO6 VS 2015 Golf R… You Won’t Believe Who Wins!!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Today, we have another video from our friends down south….In Mexico. We have an A&A Supercharged C5Z06 lining up to run heads up against a 2015 Golf R that is “Intake Only”. Albeit, the C5Z06 was having some issues such as a slipping belt and bald drag radials, it turned out to be a super close race. The Golf R gets out a solid 2.5 cars on the Z06 out of the hole. The ZO6 begins pulling like a freight train, ultimately he ran out of real estate and the Golf R edged by less than half a car. Hopefully, when the C5Z is 100% they will repeat this race, it leaves me wondering!

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