Student Drives Barbie Jeep To Class After DWI Arrest

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

A Texan student Tara Monroe had to find an alternate mode of transportation after being arrested for drunk driving. Her dad gave her a bicycle but she chose to get around in a Barbie car instead.

Barbie Jeep’s top speed is 5 mph and it has three gears: reverse, turtle and rabbit. She’s been criticized by some who think she’s making light of the serious drink-driving offense, but she claims that’s not true and that she simply doesn’t want to walk to class.

“I’m kind of a diva, I’ll admit it. I don’t like to sweat, I don’t like to work out”, says Monroe who studies engineering at Texas State.

So what do you think, is she just having a good time or attempting to get some attention and make the best of her situation?

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