Street Outlaw’s Daddy Dave Rolls His Chevrolet Nova Goliath 6 Times During A Street Prep Race!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

For those of you that follow the Street Outlaws you have surely see the rise of one of the nastiest Chevrolet Novas to have ever hit the streets, known as Goliath. Created by Street Outlaw Daddy Dave, this super beast has been dominating in all of the street races it has performed in. Unfortunately, during a street prep race Goliath’s reign was cut short after it crashed and rolled 6 times down the track. Amazingly, Dave was able to survive the insane carnage with only a few injuries and is now recovering, but unfortunately his sweet ride was not so lucky and was completely demolished. Click the video below to witness the violent fall of the nasty Chevrolet Nova Goliath.

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