Street Car Vs. Pro Mod STREET Race In MEXICO! These Cars Make Some Serious POWER!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What would be the difference between the notorious Pro Mod cars and the normal street cars? That’s why we are here to explain it all. Sometimes you’ll not notice when the pro mod car passes by you and that is because at low throttle the engine runs so smoothly like any other vehicle and there is a reason for that as well. It runs quietly because it has the special exhaust system installed, and mainly expensive one, and what it does is the sound that is coming from the engine is lowered in a chamber of the exhaust system and only after that it goes out in the open quietly. But this happens only in low throttle. Well, this car that has been Pro Modified has the big block engine that can produce up to 1,300 HP and guess what? It has nitrous as well so if you feel like there is a shortage of power you can always pop up a nitrous can and there you go flying in a open road like no other. This Chevy Nova Pro Mod will be compared to the street car in order to notice the difference.

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