This Smokey Yunick ‘68 Camaro Trans Am Race Car Is So Pretty It Broke The Internet!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Sweeetttt….. I have not seen a muscle car this pretty in a long long time. This 1968 Camaro, a Smokey Yunick Chevy Camaro Trans Am Race Car is more than a pretty face, it is also a real performer. Oh, and it is also for sale by the good boys and girls down at Eastwood Company. This Camaro is so good looking that the muscle car was in Hot Rod Magazine’s 65th Anniversary Homecoming edition. This car is also noteworthy for being the car that the famed International Motorsports Hall of Famer Smokey Yunick set a number of endurance and speed records in. However, Yunick never earned a Trans Am race in it.


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