Slick Futuristic Yamaha Sports Ride Car Looks Rad

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

On Motor Show in Tokyo, Yamaha presented a study Sports Ride, which is actually the successor to the previous concept Motive.

Unlike Motive that are the vision of a city car, the new concept is a sports car with compact dimensions, lightweight and attractive appearance.

Specifically, Sports Ride is length 3.900 mm, 1720 wide, high 1.170 mm, weighing just 750 kg. Unfortunately, there is no specific information about motorization of this model, but given the small mass of Sports Ride, do not have too much power for the car to be alive, agile and fun.

Finally to mention that Yamaha is still no sign that concrete plans with this concept but many assume that we will not wait long to see the production version of the same.

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