SLEEPER Saturn Takes Out Camaro

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Well, imagine this, you are riding with your Camaro SS and some arrogant Saturn owner is provoking you! You’ll just smile on that because it’s non-sense! And what if the Saturn SL2 has something under that hood? We should admit that the Saturn SL2 owner has courage and bravery to challenge you with his weak-heart Saturn, yeah, really weak heart, 1.9-liter I4 engine delivering amazing 124 horsepower! What should be said else, your Camaro is God for his Saturn, 6.2-liter V8 premium engine which delivers 580 horsepower, no comparison here! But wait a minute, that’s not a Saturn 1.9-liter sound, he wants to trick you with his naïve looking sedan, but you immediately accept the challenge. Where is the perfect place for the epic battle. Well, the drag race, but watch out, maybe that’s the plan, to cheat you first and next to beat you on a track. Something different is going to happen there, the Saturn SL2 will remove his mask and show his twin-turbo face! Play this video to see what this sleeper Saturn SL2 sedan is going to show on the drag track!

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!