Seriously, What Are They Thinking? Crossing The Salt Water Beach May Not Be The Smartest Move At All!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Just because you are fearless doesn’t mean you can do anything. Oh well, I guess this guy did but we cannot deny the fact that there’s always a consequence for every reckless decision. In this video, we are about to witness a group of cars bravely crossing the salt water beach.¬†For some reason, the water from the beach started to rise which separated the shore into two. The water is flowing in great speed but the depth is not really threatening at all. The last car is carrying a trailer behind fearlessly crossed the strong current but impressively managed to make it through the other end. However, some people will say that this is one careless decision because the salt water may ruin the car. We know how complex the car machine is and if the salt water managed to get through, this may result to corrosion and eventually damage the car. not to mentioned the electric wiring and connectors which can cause even more disaster! How about you, what do you think about this move, is it smart or careless? You decide.

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