Rodeo Drifting Is Your New Favorite Rowdy Dangerous Awesome Driving

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Rodeo Drift! Yeah, have you ever heard of it? Maybe few of you are familiar with this strange way of drifting but it is uplifting, dangerous and exciting! So, what’s the conclusion here? An adrenaline boosting spectacle full with scary roaring! Well, what is the rodeo drifting all about? For sure it includes the traditional tire sliding on the track or whatever surface is used while the driver has the weird position, yeah, he is sitting on the car rather than in the car! Confusing isn’t it? So, which is the best way to make this happen? Simply to straddle the door frame while the vehicle is under full pressure and the tires sound almost surpass the engine sound! The main guilt for this drifting discipline is Yasuyuki Kazama, the guy who signed a rodeo drifting as official! You’ll have the chance to see him in action even how is leaving the car after the awesome drift and run to catch it and get in it again!

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