Nissan GTR Frontal Crash With A Street Lamp In Russia

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Sports car fans have a lot to like about the Nissan GTR, such as its impressive power and tremendous grip. Perhaps the only downside is that its a bit hefty, tipping the scales at 3,828 pounds. Apparently, there’s a a fast way to solve the weight problem: simply crash the beast straight into a street lamp at 106 mph. As the video will show, all the excess weight disintegrated in a matter of seconds! The driver is Russian soccer player Andrey Yeschenko. Just like most pro athletes, its likely that he did not reach his status by living timidly. Even the video revealed that his driving style portrays such a bold confidence as he barreled down a street and right into the pole. Fortunately,  Yeschenko survived and only sustained minor injuries.







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