Nick Offerman Gives You Reasons To Watch NASCAR

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Nick Offerman or better known as Ron Swanson from NBC’s Parks and Recreation will give you every reasons to watch NASCAR which is set to return in NBC sports this coming July. Well, Offerman can present it better in a very comical way and that’s exactly what we are about to witness in this two-minute long promotion. He mentioned almost every highlights of the said events and things that you should expect to see during the NASCAR. That includes intense fistfights, guys in costumes, crazy fans, A-lister NASCAR drivers, epic crashes, winnings, speed, horsepower and more. Well, after watching this video, I guess there will no longer be a reason to stop you from watching this new NASCAR season. I also heard that this will be the last season for Jeff Gordon so if you are a fan, then this should not be missed.

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