My Mercedes-Benz C63 Can Beat Your 350Z With A Lawn Mower Tied Behind Its Back

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Hey, not only can I and my Mercedes-Benz 350Z smoke your cute 350Z while towing a lawnmower, we can do it while towing a ONE THOUSAND POUND lawnmower. Click play and watch a 1,000 pound riding John Deere lawn mower on a trailer of an unknown make and model being towed by a Mercedes C63 blowing the doors off of a 350Z on a narrow two-lane country road. What is especially interesting to me is wondering just how fast that trailer could have gone before falling apart or blowing a tire; it sure looks as if it was doing fine at the top speed of this illegal street drag race.


Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!