This Mud Boggin Bling Machine Monster Truck Costs $ 1Million, You Can’t Have One!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Do you know the Bling Machine Monster Truck? No? Well, it is a bling bling pimped out monster truck that despite its $1,000,000 price tag is down to earth enough to totally tear it up in the deepest, muddiest, nastiest of Florida’s mud holes! That is right, the Bling Machine is a real monster in the most monstrous of mud bogs. Oh, but wait, there is more. In addition to the $1 million mud boggin’ monster truck, this video is loaded with other monster trucks playing in the mud in one of the most epic of Bone Mud and Mega Truck Slinging Swamp Mud and Mega Truck Racing videos you will ever see!


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