How Much Power A Stock BMW M3 Will Lose After 20 Years?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this episode of Car Throttle, Alex Kersten decided to put his 20 year-old BMW M3 on a dyno test to see how much power does his car lost for two decades? Will it perform the same way? Is the car still capable of reaching the figures that it should be getting when it was newly bought? The 1996 BMW M3 models with European specs is fitted with the 321 PS (317 hp; 236 kW) S50B32 engine. The car was tested multiple times on the dyno and managed to get 279 bhp against the original 317 hp that it was rated before. Alex also tested the car’s acceleration. The BMW M3 was rated to accelerate from 0-60 mph in between 5.2 to 5-8 seconds but after twenty years, the car managed to get an average of 6 seconds which is not too far from its early figures! Now with some tweaks and revisions, this BMW M3 can be brought back to its former glory!

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