Motorcycle Drifter Crashes At HIGHWAY Speeds!!!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This ZX10R is having just another normal day drifting across a public road with 4 lanes until it all goes terribly wrong! Coming towards the curb his bike gets a little to sideways and the rider gets flung aggressively off the bike! He hits the concrete hard and slides directly into the curb. After the crash, pumped full of adrenaline, he gets up and does what any biker would do after a fall, he runs to check to see if the bike is fine. The rider even tries to start the bike and continue riding but thankfully his buddies stop him from doing so. He wasn’t wearing any gear to protect his upper body or legs so he will definitely have some injuries and possibly broken bones, hopefully next time he will remember to put on ALL his gear before going out stunting again.

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