Mike Alessi Cleans Out Broc Tickle

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

AMA Supercross provides some of the best wheel-to-wheel, bar-to-bar motorcycle racing that you can find in the world today. Each race day is formatted with multiple qualifying races in order to determine who will line up on the gate for the main event. This always makes for exciting last laps between the riders that are fighting for the qualifying positions. The entertainment value was high at the expense of Broc Tickle during the Atlanta Supercross in 2014. Tickle had just overtaken Mike Alessi for the final transfer spot out of the heat race, but Alessi decided to hit the kill switch on his brain coming into the next corner. Alessi cuts across multiple lines, lets off of the brakes, and dumps the clutch directly into the side of Tickle, sending him flying over the tough blocks, and crashing himself in the process.

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.