Man Removes And Cracks open 250K-Mile Jeep Engine And Finds…

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Sure, there are plenty of engines around with more than a million miles on them. However, an engine with 250,000 miles is still pretty cool, especially if it is still in good condition. The dude in this video cracked open his 250,000-mile Jeep engine to see what he would find, and this is his report. The rocker arms were basically in fine condition just needing a new valve cover gasket, while some of the other covers needed some hard scrubbing. He also had to clean the carbon buildup from the intake and exhaust manifolds. And, then just to be practical while the guy had the engine out and on a stand, he replaced the water pump. To learn more about what you might find in a well-used engine, click play.  


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