Lightly Tuned Sienna With A V6 Slashed The Camaro SS In A Real Race At Willow Springs

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

How crazy can the Toyota Sienna get!? Toyota revealed a rather impressive off-road/sick Sienna at the SEMA motor show, but this one we bring you here is something else. This one is created to dominate the racetrack – to dominate the drag strip. Placed in a race between the Camaro V6 and then the Camaro SS, this lightly tuned Sienna proved it can be an impressive car. DG-Spec slashed some weight, improved the suspension, changed the wheels and tires and integrated a limited slip diff. Racing it against the Chevys at the Willow Springs Raceway, DG-Spec proved that the Sienna can be a hell of a machine only with a light tune and with the V6 engine.

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.