Let’s Take A Closer Look At Banks Top Diesel Dragster In Action

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Whether you like diesel or not, you will definitely enjoy watching this video. Unlike the usual drag racing video, this one will give us a closer look to a dragster in action. A Camera is placed at the back of the driver which gives us a first person view and will make it feels like we’re riding the actual dragster. This is Banks Sidewinder Top fuel dragster at 2010 NHRDA Nationals. This dragster is sporting a new “Stroker” 427 cu. in. twin-turbo 7.0L Duramax engine. The numbers for this trip out were 7.670 @173.54 but they were able to ran 7.17 @ 181.08 way back in April 2009.

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!