Is Led Zepplin the greatest band ever ?

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Is Led Zepplin the Best band of all Time ? We are all arguing in the office today, so many great rock and roll bands to choose from but Led Zepplin is right there among the greatest of all time. What do you think ? If It is not the greatest what bad do you think is the greatest of all time ?

“Dazed and Confused” is a blues-rock song written and performed by Jake Holmes. The song refers to the potential break-up of a relationship, typical of blues numbers.
The song was later covered by the Yardbirds, which inspired a reworking by Led Zeppelin.[1][2] The latter’s version appeared on the group’s debut album and became a popular live piece, featuring improvisation that stretched the track’s length to up to 40 minutes in concert, and theatrics including playing the guitar with a violin bow. – Wikipedia

In his publication Led Zeppelin Live: An Illustrated Exploration of Underground Tapes (1997), Luis Rey dissects the pattern of the song (as it was in 1975) into 12 sections, in order to demonstrate its gradual state of evolution when played live:
Stage 1: Bass intro and wah-wah interludes
Stage 2: Main vocal theme
Stage 3: Fast instrumental and ‘oriental’ riffs
Stage 4: “San Francisco/Achilles Last Stand” or “Woodstock”
Stage 5: Violin bow episode including echo-slapping from the guitar; interlude with Plant’s ‘instrumental voice’; Gustav Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War and return of the rhythm section
Stage 6: Fast guitar solo and battle with Plant
Stage 7: Slower tempo solo and ‘funky’ moods
Stage 8: Violent breaks and call and response interlude
Stage 9: Faster solo in crescendos and occasional break-up tempo, some occasions combined with “Walter’s Walk” or “St. Tristan’s Sword”
Stage 10: New arrangement of Mars, the Bringer of War (slow and fast versions) and final frenzy
Stage 11: Return to main theme
Stage 12: Coda. Final instrumental and vocal battle inside syncopated rhythms, drum-solo and final explosion.[25]

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