Leave It To Japan To Invent Throwable Fire-Extinguishing Grenade

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

They invented VHS, CD, Blu-Ray and flash memory. Then they invented PlayStation, Nintendo and karaoke. Hell, they even invented metro pusher, a person who literally pushes people ito trains during rush-hour. Now the world is richer for yet another amazing creation that is so ludicrous and practical at the same time it’s clear it could only be made in Japan.
Satto 119 Eco is a chemical grenade that can extinguish early-stage small fires in seconds.

Each container has about 22 ounces of a liquid chemical combination of the ammonium phosphate dibasic and ammonium bicarbonate on the inside and has an extinguishing capacity ten times that of water.

Check out how it works in the video below and consider getting one for your car. It’s definitely more fun to throw a grenade in the engine compartment and give it a second to work its magic than it is to run around with a fire extinguisher.

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