Lamborghini Gallardo Slams Into Tree, Breaks In Two But Driver Escapes Unscathed Thanks To Magic Buddhist Amulet

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

First off, let’s set the record straight. Yes, there are paved roads in Thailand and yes there is at least one dude in the old Siam with at least one supercar. However, if this Lamborghini Gallardo is the only supercar in the Land of Smiles, Thais must be mourning coast to coast since the car was split in half after its, uhm, Asian driver, drove it straight into a tree. But, do not worry about the driver because he was not harmed in the least thanks to, he says, the protection offered by his magical Buddhist amulet. He failed to respond to the rumours that his supercar busted in two because it had been made in China.


Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!