LaFerrari vs Ferrari Enzo INSANE Rev Battle!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Newer car models are supposed to perform better than its predecessor but is it really always the case? Marchettino will share us a rare comparison of two iconic Ferrari models, the Ferrari Enzo and its successor, the Ferrari LaFerrari. Both cars were involved in an intense rev battle which give us a chance to see which model performs and sounds better.  The Enzo is fitted with the infamous straight pipes exhaust, meanwhile the LaFerrari is stock. To make this battle even more epic, they decided to rev the beasts in a closed tunnel. Now, it is time for you to turn the volume of your speakers to their maximum level and enjoy the sound of these roaring beasts! Which do you think is better? The Ferrari Enzo or the Ferrari LaFerrari?

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.