Jet Dragster World Champion Brings It On Against C6 Corvette

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The 2-time jet dragster world champion Elaine Larsen shows off how badass she can be as she gets behind the wheels against a C6 Corvette. Well she’s not your ordinary type and so is jet drag racing, a sport which requires you to handle a ride which can reach speeds of over 300 miles per hour in a quarter of a mile. She’ll be driving the Florida Institute of Technology jet dragster which can push out 5000 lbs of thrust against her daily driver the C6 Corvette. The Corvette will be driven by Jay Leno and a 7 second head start is to be given. Will the head start prove to be a game changer or is a jet dragster just too much for a Corvette? Find out for yourself in this episode of Jay Leno’s garage given below.

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