Jag’s F-Type SVR Sounds Incredible In A Tunnel

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Jaguar went to great lengths to prove how magnificent its F-Type SVR model sounds, using New York City’s Park Avenue Tunnel as the perfect amplifier. According to this British automaker, the key for the car’s sound lies in its Titanium and the Inconel exhaust system, which not only reduces back-pressure, but enhances the sound produced by 5.0-litre supercharged V8 under the bonnet as well. Jaguar did use the custom technology, specially adapted to respond specifically to the exhaust note of the F-TYPE SVR for the stunt. Nonetheless, as this car powered through Park Avenue tunnel – which passes under seven blocks of the iconic Park Avenue area and is 422 meters long – the series of specially installed lights changed color from white to Jaguar Red in a tandem with its increasing acceleration. Pretty neat, right?

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