Is This Really The Fastest Dodge Hellcat Drag Racing Muscle Car In The Whole Wide World?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Hey, the folks over at the Cecil County Dragway have got something to tell us. They say they have found the fastest Dodge Hellcat musclecar on the entire planet. The tested it on their dyno and say that this 900-horsepower Hellcat drag racer is the real deal. I suppose there are some caveats included with this title since a Hellcat, or any other muscle car for that matter, can be given more horsepower. So, I think this is an award for the fastest kind-of stock Dodge Hellcat in the whole wide world. That said, this Dodge muscle car drag racer is dang impressive, and I promise you that you will dig it and its video!



Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!