If You Are To Pay For A Traffic Ticket, Do It Like This!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Here comes a guy who knows how exactly an intelligent way to revenge. Here’s a guy who was about to pay for a traffic ticket which cost him $137. According to him, he got the ticket from a town where cops and their absurd red light cameras are pretty much a money trap so he just want a justice and he do it in a very humorous way. Instead of simply giving the $137 cash, what he did is he made origami pigs per dollar. So that’s 137 pig origami and placed it inside a pair of dunkin donut dozen boxes. It took him 6 hours to prepare it so when he is about to give the origami, the teller refused to receive it. He made the day of everyone else in that office! So the next time you are to pay for a traffic tickey, make it something like this!

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