Hot Rod Motorcycle With Huge Maserati Engine Is Just 1 Cool Invention On This Video!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Yep, there is more than just this most amazing hot rod motorcycle on this video of the craziest inventions you will see this year. In addition to this awesome motorcycle with a giant Maserati engine are an X2 Sport Underwater JetPack that turns the average Joe Blow into Aquaman, an OneDrone One flying video camera drone that you control with a virtual reality headset, an Immersit virtual reality TV-watching and video-gaming sofa, an Alpha Helmet, a YouBionic Hand, a Goodyear Spherical Tire and so much more! These are the most insane inventions I have seen in more than a year!    


That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?