Here Comes Another Camaro Sitting on A Much Colorful 32″ Rim

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Just in case that you can’t get enough with that bizarre green Camaro sitting in 32 inches rim with insane floaters, well, here comes another Camaro sitting on the same 32 inches rim but this time, in a different color scheme and floaters. It has three shades of tropical color red, yellow and green with green and red DUB floaters. ┬áThis car is sure a head turner but I am pretty sure that it will get a mixed ┬áreaction especially to those car enthusiast? Is it really a waste of Camaro? Does having a bizarre look with crazy big rims will take out all Camaro’s potential? What can you say about this car? Is it a Hell Yes or a hell No?

That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!