Here Are The Hot Auto Trends We Should Expect Pretty Soon

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this latest episode of ConsumerReports, they pin point five of the hottest car innovation that we can expect in the near future as presented in the recently held CES 2015. They emphasized five major hot auto trends to expect. First on their list is an emerging technology brought by those “self driving” vehicles. Several car were introduced by few of the biggest car companies in the CES 2015 including the S-class Mercedes Benz and also the Google Car. Next to their list is the introduction of the Mobile User Experience. Remember the ads made by Audi which allow your Dog to park your car? They also mentioned the new CarPlay and Android Auto apps. Third on the list is the New Display Technology followed by the new Gesture Control system (BMW also introduces such feature in CES). And of course, they also mention the new Smart Car Technology which includes the new GPS system.

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